Supporting the distribution of information about medicines once they enter the market to trial subject

Marketing strategy support

Most of the clinical trial participants are not able to recieve any information of whether the clinical trial drug have been released to public or not even though they want to know. To deal with this issue, the company will use its own IT technology to support the distribution of that data to clinical trial participants. We believe that this initiative will help to improve social recognition of clinical trials and as more patients participate in clinical trials the drug development will be efficient. Furthermore, the people who actually participate in clinical trials are just a fraction of those that have applied to do so. If you include those that didn’t pass the screening stage at the contact center, the number of people cooperating with the clinical trial multiplies by 10-20 fold. The qualitative and quantitative information that is collected through exchanges with the contact center becomes crucial as the “patient’s voice” and can be used in marketing strategy once the product has entered the market.