Site selection

Visualization of each site’s performance

Site selection support

Thanks to our unique site selection support tool “PASSMAP”, it is now possible to make a much more effective site selection. Our tool displays the information from our volunteer database (which contains over 557,000 members) together with the candidate sites on a map. By being able to visualize the sites with high accumulating capacity of patients- , PASSMAP contributes to earlier completion and cost reduction in clinical trials.
  • Difficulty to grasp the locations of the each site.
  • The performance of the sites are unclear.

  • Visualize the sites on a map
  • Search for sites by medical field
  • Display the collation of patient number between the data from sites and the one from our database *SPE(Site Performance Evaluation)

Central IRB + case series = cost reduction

Site Introduction

By linking the data from our database to information on over 1,ooo sites nationwide including sites from SMONA, our affiliated sites and clinical trial-focused clinic, we realize accurate simulation and offer the best sites which fits the protocol.
By managing the sites, We utilize central IRB and clinical trial-focused clinic that lead to cost and burden reduction in clinical trials.